Preventing Multiple Submissions
Jun 20, 2016 · 154 words

I have a gem that has been giving me trouble lately. It saved me countless hours of dev time upfront, but is beginning to cause me problems now that I want to extend it. I learned quickly how to clone and edit a gem locally using the gem gem_name, path: 'path/to/local/gem', to get the changes I personally needed.

The difficulty came when, for some yet inexplicable reason, it was causing duplicate calls. Rather than spend more time digging deeper into the gem to solve that problem too, I decided to make my own code more robust by preventing duplicates all together.

I did this by wrapping my original create code in an unless. Now, no matter how many times this gem submits to my controller, it’ll only run the code once.

def method_name
  unless organization.subscribed?
    # subscribe the org

  if organization.subscribed?
    # sub succeeded, get out
    # handle some errors

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