Finding Lost Commits
Jun 15, 2016 · 158 words

In the process of rebasing with preserving a merge commit (git rebase -i -p base_branch), I somehow managed to lose two commits I was trying to squash together.

To find the lost commits, I tried to use a combination of git commands. First, I tried using git fsck --lost-found which returned a list of commits that were “dangling”. I have no idea how these specific commits got lost to time, but now they were found. I also checked git reflog which keeps a log of each action and–it seems–its sha.

Unfortunately for me, I couldn’t find the specific commit I was looking to reset everything to in either of these. What I ended up doing was looking through my terminal history for a previous time when I had run git log and grabbed the commit id from there.

After that, it was a simple git merge --ff-only commit_id and all my changes were back.

wipes sweat from brow

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