Initiatives and Goals

Going off of yesterday’s post, I’ve dug deeper into figuring out who to manage the project. I now know that my role in this particular organization has to be a facilitator between two visionaries.

As a facilitator, I need to keep a good record of decisions made and extract goals from those decisions. It is an ad-hoc process, but I think it will have the least friction as I find my footing in a process.

To aid in the process of finding a process, I’ve adopted a tool that has a strong process built into it. has what seems to be a strong opinion built into it with what parts of the process are important and how they all interrelate. Two of the key features of this process are goals and initiatives.

Goals are the high-level trackable efforts that the company/product it tackling. For example, to boost sales by X amount. Initiatives are also high-level company/product efforts, but they are more specific. At this point in my understanding, the best way for me to explain it is with an example. An initiative can be to make a website mobile friendly. That initiative may be one way of actualizing a goal. A goal can have many initiatives, and an initiative may impact many goals, but the key difference is that it is a step of actualization.