Using bundle config to work with local git gems

After an agonizing day of trying to get my local gem working as a local and remote git repository, I think I finally figured it out.

In my Gemfile now, I have gem 'gem_name', git: '' where TOKEN is a personal access token to read my private repos. However, for this to work locally, I had to modify my bundle config so that it uses my local path to the repository. A simple bundle config local.GEM_NAME /path/to/gem makes sure it uses the local repository. You can later remove this config with bundle config --delete local.GEM_NAME so you can test how it works using the remote repo.

The most annoying thing for me at this point is that I cannot get it to let me simply use uncommited changes. Each time I edit something, I have to commit it, bundle install and restart everything for the changes to show up. Alas.